Richard Kennedy, Director of O-teas, a luxury tea specialist manufacturing company who manufacture a range of blended, luxury speciality teas, tells us how the company has continued to grow since moving their manufacturing facility to the Isle of Man in 2016. Since relocating to the Island, O-teas now export their products around the world and employ 10 members of staff, and are currently recruiting for 5 more people.

O-teas went through the Department for Enterprise’s Financial Assistance Scheme, where they received financial assistance and business advice:

“With help from the Department we found a suitable warehouse very quickly. Using local companies we had the warehouse fitted out to our requirements, overall the process took about 5 months from our first visit to the Isle of Man, to the facility being up and running”.

“We found the grant schemes very easy to use and during my last 2 years on the Island I have met several other business owners who have also benefited from the various Enterprise Support Grants and Loans available from the Department.”

Richard let us know how the benefits of moving to the Isle of Man, which they previously didn’t have in the UK:

“We have been able to find excellent warehouse facilities with the option to expand easily at a very attractive cost. compared to the area of the UK we were previously based. We also have a very reliable, hard-working team of employee’s with very little turnover of staff. The Island also has a vibrant food & drink scene, with some excellent producers, which has become an important local source of business for us.”

“On a personal level it is a beautiful place to live with an excellent quality of life and somewhere I have thoroughly enjoyed living for the last 2 years.”

Richard also praised the Department for the all the advice and guidance he received, through the Financial Assistance Scheme:

“We found the scheme very straightforward to use. The Department were always very quick to communicate with us and help with any queries we had. Claiming back on the grant was also very straightforward.”

O-teas are now continuing to grow at a rapid rate with three new tea machines, tripling their capacity. Since their move to the Island, O-teas have established a strong foothold in the Canadian market and plan to expand to the US, Hong Kong and Australia.


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