Coronavirus Recovery Scheme Guidance (January 2021 to March 2022)

The Scheme was introduced to provide grant assistance via two options:

Support towards business adaptation – allowing for a business to change its business model and still trade; and assistance towards essential business overheads – this option was only open to businesses in the tourism and travel related sectors

Please click below for the relevant guidelines depending on the date of the application

◉ CRS 05-01-2021

◉ CRS 04-05-2021

◉ CRS 04-05-2021 (Guidelines)

◉ CRS 11-05-2021

◉ CRS 12-05-2021

◉ CRS 27-07-2021

◉ CRS 10-08-2021

◉ CRS 23-12-2021

◉ CRS 20-01-2022

The Premises Ventilation Grant was introduced to support customer facing businesses with the costs of improving the ventilation in their business premises.

◉ CRS Ventilation Guidelines 17-01-2022

◉ CRS Ventilation Guidelines 16-02-2022