Fathom MI SmartTALK: The business of maritime innovation: collaborate or capitulate?

19 April 2018


With the maritime industry facing significant challenges and change from disruptive technologies, and with an increasing number of innovators exploring the market, a collaborative future could be the only future.

Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry, Dick Welsh, will join this conversation with industry shapers and decision makers to discuss how maritime is moving and changing.

On topic:

• How should the accelerators and incubators work more closely together?
• How can institutions support the industry in this age of transformation?
• What is the role of classification societies, maritime clusters, innovation and technology centres in creating an innovation ecosystem for the industry, driving disruption and change, and achieving sustainable economic value?

Isle of Man Ship Registry will regularly contribute to Fathom's SmartTALK webinars running throughout the year on topics affecting the industry, which we hope will provide an opportunity for clients and other interested parties to spend some time on a topic and enter into debate without leaving their desk.

For more information about the SmartTALK webinar event series, please visit: https://fathom.world/events/.