About Manx Ultrasonic

Pauline and Neil McKee are the husband and wife team behind window blind cleaning company Manx Ultrasonic, winners of the Manx Telecom Award for New Business Innovation at the 2016 Isle of Man Awards for Excellence. Pauline explains how running their own business has changed their lives.

Manx Ultrasonic Window Blind Solutions

“I would agree that owning our own business has changed our lives. Both my husband and my children now say I am a different person, in control of my own destiny. I am able to schedule family time much better and my work-life balance has improved dramatically.”

“It became evident very quickly that working in partnership with my husband meant we had to set guidelines for our working relationship. I had the foresight and vision of what I wanted the business to achieve and Neil has both a tremendous technical ability and work ethic. He loves to be busy and would work 24 hours a day if left to it. We had to agree that work is very much a separate entity to our home lives and we now make sure we schedule one day a week where neither of us do anything work related at all.”

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“We have found a weekly routine that works really well for the business. Neil maintains his job in aerospace four nights a week and works with me in the business the rest of the time. Much of our customer facing work takes place at the weekends and this means there is minimal disruption for our corporate customers and also that our residential customers are more likely to be home.”

“The business is growing all the time and making use of the knowledge that we have accumulated of the blinds market we have now begun to sell blinds as well as clean them. We are working with a fantastic supplier and the people we have sold to so far have been thrilled. We have looked at using ultrasonics for the cleaning of other objects, but for the moment we are concentrating on growing and developing the two core services we provide and getting the word out there that you don’t necessarily need to replace your blinds, you can have them cleaned!”


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