Manx Professional & Educational Services Limited (MPES) is a Manx-based company that specialises in examination based teaching and training for people working within accountancy and other professional fields.

The ethos behind MPES is simple: give local people immediate access to the highest quality of tuition, helping them to gain and maintain qualifications.

MPES has become the Island’s premier provider of examination and technical based courses and has been offering top level training to the Isle of Man since 2003.

Eddy Kewin is the MPES Chairman and primarily teaches Management Accounting and Financial Management.

He has been on the Isle of Man for over 25 years, returning to his family’s roots after graduating with an Accounting & Finance degree. Eddy started his teaching career in 2000 with BPP, before setting up MPES.

Below, Eddy shares his experience in accessing the Department’s Business Improvement Scheme in the development of MyMPES, an online student portal.

Continual Investment into MPES and the Isle of Man Community

'Our business was doing well, but in a bid to keep in step with our competition and continue to provide our local students with the highest level of tuition, we needed to bring our business into the 21st Century.

We wanted to create a dedicated and secure online area for our students. Being a large endeavour, we sought out some assistance.

I initially heard about the Department for Enterprise’s Business Improvement Scheme from our website developer, 3 Legs Internet. The Department not only provided us with funding, but the support we received from the Department’s team and 3 Legs throughout the project was invaluable; the process was seamless from start to finish.

The investment in the MyMPES project was and remains the biggest individual project we have worked on. I think that it would have been difficult to implement, without the Department’s assistance.'

The Future for MPES and MyMPES

'MyMPES is a living breathing solution for our students.  We have overcome our past challenges with robust teamwork both within our organisation and with our IT developers, 3 Legs Internet.   IT is a fully integrated part of everything we do and the specialists at 3 Legs are an integral part of our past and future development.'

The Isle of Man’s Community Spirit

'Having been brought up in some of the larger cities in the UK, I find The Isle of Man a beautiful, safe and restful place to live and work. 

The sense of community is amazing across the whole Island. There’s a feeling that we're all in this together and can make it better for everyone by helping each other out, whenever possible. 

As I mentioned, I've had the misfortune to live in some of the bigger cities in the UK where there's no sense of community spirit and everyone is only out to help themselves.  The Island is a breath of fresh air and I hope it never changes. 

I also love being my own boss and being able to make my own choices in our strategic direction and how our company can help the local Manx people.

The culture of MPES is based on helping people; everything we do is based on this.  Job satisfaction is of paramount importance to me. It’s wonderful to be able to help people achieve their dreams and help them on their journey in life.'

The Department thanks Eddy for his contribution to this article.

Find out more about the Business Improvement Scheme.





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