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Ever since Angela Clucas began using the gym at 18 years old she became fascinated by how exercise and diet could change the body. She decided to head to university to study Nutrition and three years later she had graduated university with a 1st Class Honours degree.

How did you come to start the business?

'I didn’t have the confidence to start a business straight after university, but after seven years working back in the IT and Finance sector and growing my confidence, I looked into Nutrition as a career again.

I’d spent a lot of my time helping many people free of charge and I soon realised it was a great opportunity for me to turn my fascination into a business. I decided to head back to University to study for a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition.'

Angela completed her Masters with Distinction in 2016 and returned home to set up her business.

Why did you choose the Isle of Man as a location for your business?

'I chose the Isle of Man because of the potential client base there is here. There are so many athletes and enthusiastic ‘weekend warriors’ on the Island. My existing network of friends and business people were also on the Island, and I knew that there were business support schemes available.'

What business support did you receive from the Department?

After applying to the Department for Enterprise at ISLEXPO 2016, Angela was soon given support through the Department’s Micro Business Grant Scheme.

'I was given mentorship through the scheme. For me this has been the most valuable part. When you start your own business , its great and you get to do what you love every day, but it’s easy to forget that you also have to do all the things that also come with running your own business, like the accounts, marketing, sales and admin. The mentor meetings really hold you accountable and make sure you’re doing all of these things. For me it felt like it bridged a gap between being employed and having a boss to being self-employed and having to be completely self-motivated.'

Would you recommend the Scheme to others?

'I would 100% recommend the scheme to others considering starting their own business. The financial assistance is a great confidence boost and it’s reassuring knowing that you have the income coming in each week.'

If you could give advice to any other budding entrepreneurs, what would you tell them?

'I delayed starting my own business for years because of ‘what if’s’, but I would say to anyone now to just go for it. You can always go back to your 9-5 job if it doesn’t work out, but if you make the most of the help available and the schemes, then it will work!'

Angela is now focusing on scaling up her business to enable her to work with even more clients, both locally and across the world.

How do you plan to take the business to the 'Next Level'?

Through online nutrition programming, I have been able to work with many local clients but also those as far as Bali and Dubai! I’m currently about to launch a new online system that will enable me to reach more people, supplying reliable nutrition information for people who need advice and solutions that fit into their busy lives.

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