Skanco have been building partnerships with Isle of Man businesses and the local community since 1985. Their range of technical services include Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Hosting from their purpose-built Disaster Recovery centre, to the more standard offerings of IT Procurement, Hardware Maintenance, Tape Storage and Equipment Disposal.

Skanco’s commitment to staff training and development means that engineers are experienced and qualified and can provide customers with the highest levels of support across a range of services.   

Operations Manager, Andy Gosnell joined Skanco in 1994 after moving to the Island in 1987. He has held a range of positions from Quality Manager, Admin Manager and Operations Manager before joining the Skanco Management Team in 2002.

Below, Andy discusses how the Department’s Business Improvement Scheme provided Skanco with the opportunity to gain an ISO Quality Accreditation for a specific environmental project.

Skanco’s History with the Department for Enterprise

'We had utilised a previous version of the Business Improvement Scheme when implementing our original Quality Assurance System in the late 1990s. Several years ago, we were looking to obtain an ISO14001 certification in Environmental Management Systems for a specific environmental project. Given the positive experience we had previously, we reached out to the Department for Enterprise for support.

We discussed the process in detail and what schemes were available to us. Further meetings clarified the scheme suited to our requirements. The Business Improvement Scheme provided us with a financial grant towards the cost of the project, but also enabled us to engage with a range of on-Island accredited technical consultants. We chose the consultant with the skillset that suited our needs, which was Kevin Burnell and the team at ISO QA Isle of Man Limited.

ISO QA Isle of Man initially completed an ISO audit and then designed and implemented a new system to comply with the ISO14001 certification.'

The Benefit of a Project Consultant

'Although I am listed as an accredited consultant for ICT projects under the Business Improvement Scheme, it was important to receive independent advice and support from the consultant in the specific area of the environmental project we had planned.

The advice was invaluable and the management skills helped keep the entire project to schedule. The funding assistance also gave us the focus to complete the project within set timescales.'

Overcoming Obstacles

'Integrating our Environmental Systems with our existing Quality and Information Security Management Systems didn’t come without its challenges. Obtaining the ISO Quality Accreditation is a massive undertaking.

The hard work and effort from all the team at Skanco and the support of our technical consultant and the Department made the process that much easier. Our team is incredible and what they do on a daily basis and make my tasks as Operations Manager not only achievable, but enjoyable.'

Enjoyment of the Job

'The Operations Manager role covers all aspects of the business at both Skanco headquarters at Skanco Court and our Disaster Recovery Centre at the Isle of Man Business Park. Technology is always changing as is shown by the development of our new cyber security services.

This keeps my role both challenging and interesting.'

The Department for Enterprise thanks Andy for his contribution to this article.

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