Employee Relocation Incentive

Financial Assistance is available (up to the value of £10,000 per position) to encourage employers in target sectors to bring staff to the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man Government is looking to expand the Island’s workforce. This is in the Island’s national interest as it helps to grow the economy and to generate additional tax revenue. In order to encourage such expansion and in recognition of the additional costs in recruiting and relocating  off-Island employees, financial assistance may be available where:

- a new or existing business creates jobs on the Island, fills existing vacancies or relocates jobs to the Island from elsewhere; and

- subject to compliance with the Control of Employment Act 2014 and the Immigration Act 1971, the jobs are taken by off Island workers.

Eligible Businesses

Businesses recruiting staff engaged in the following sectors are eligible for support:

Financial and Professional Services

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Fiduciary
  • Fund Management
  • Space
  • Management of Ships, Yachts and/or Aircraft
  • Legal and Accounting
  • Other Financial Services

Specialist Construction 

  • Quantity Surveyors and Architects only


  • Export
  • Import Substitution


  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • E-gaming

Tourism and Hospitality

  • Chefs
  • Head Housekeepers
  • Managers

Key conditions

The business

  • must have a permanent establishment on the Island;
  • must be an eligible business under the Enterprise Act 2008 (Eligible Businesses) Regulations 2018*;
  • be up-to-date in respect of Income Tax, VAT and National Insurance;
  • must be expanding its workforce on the Island; and
  • submit their application in advance of appointment.

The job

  • must offer a minimum starting salary of £25,000;
  • must constitute permanent, regular employment; and
  • must not be an excluded employment*.

The employee

  • must be directly employed by the business;
  • must work predominantly on the Island;
  • must become resident on the Island for income tax purposes; and
  • must have commenced employment by
    31st March 2019 with the employee starting on or before 30th June 2019. 

*Details available from the Department.

Further Information

To apply, please fill in our online Financial Assistance enquiry form here.

To download a copy of the Employee Relocation Incentive, click here.

Further detailed information on all aspects of the scheme can be requested via email or by calling: +44 1624 687333.



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