Town and Village Centre Regeneration Scheme

The regeneration scheme provides financial support towards external improvements to commercial buildings located within the six regeneration areas.

Government realised in 2009 that our town and village centres were looking a little tired and often lacked a focal point or heart for socialising. The bus and coach stops serving the centres were not always in the best condition or in the best place for people to access the shops and leisure facilities. The pavements were narrow and uneven and the lighting was outdated and expensive to run. The Government agreed to inject £8m into our village and town centres to make them look more inviting, be a great place to shop, have exciting things going on, be distinctive and become places for socialising and for entertainment — in other words they will be more than just retail centres.

Six Masterplans, one for each of the Regeneration Zones have been drawn up by the Local Regeneration Committees and have been agreed by the Chief Minister’s Regeneration Steering Group. The Regeneration Masterplans set out the priority projects for each centre. These developments are intended to build on the strengths of the town or village and act as catalysts for future growth and investment. The key aim of the Masterplans is to use the regeneration funding to provide physical improvements to the centres to take them forward over the next decade.

In addition to the main schemes, the Regeneration Fund provides financial support towards external improvements to commercial buildings located within the Regeneration Areas. This is helping to further enhance the appearance and quality of the Island’s town and village centres.

The overarching aim of the Regeneration Scheme is to support the Government’s aims of balancing the budget, growing the economy and protecting the vulnerable.

The key aims of the Regeneration Scheme

  • To facilitate a dynamic, modern and diverse economy;
  • To maintain full and rewarded employment;
  • To raise the quality of the environment which surrounds us;
  • To encourage people to take pride in their environment;
  • To deliver the project within an agreed timescale;
  • To bring about strategic impact and long term sustainability.

Application process

Applications for regeneration funding must be made on the Town and Village Centre Regeneration Scheme application form which can be found in the downloadable documents section or by telephoning 687371. All applications must include the following:

  • A completed and signed application form
  • 3 x quotations for the works for which financial assistance is being applied for. These must be from contractors listed on the Manx Accredited Construction Contractor Scheme (MACCS).

Information and guidance to applicants is also available to download. Please read this document carefully and follow the advice provided to assist you in making your application.

Key requirements for eligibility for funding include

  • The property must be in a designated Regeneration Area (click here to view and download Regeneration Area maps)
  • The property must be of commercial use and open to the public
  • The works must be to the exterior of the building
  • It must be demonstrated that the works would contribute to the regeneration of the wider area.

Applications for funding are considered by the relevant Local Regeneration Committee which makes a recommendation either to the Minister for Enterprise (if the amount applied for is less than £10,000) or to the Chief Minister's Regeneration Steering Group (if the amount applied for £10,000 or more). The Minister for Enterprise/Chief Minister's Regeneration Steering Group makes the final decision as to whether or not a grant should be offered and at what level.

Further Information

For further details and scheme guidelines please click here.

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