Top 10 tips for Preparing for an Interview as a Graduate

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Job interviews can be daunting, especially when you are first starting out in your career. To help you prepare for your next job interview as a graduate, the team at Itchy Feet, a recruitment agency based in the Isle of Man, have put together their top 10 tips to get ready for a successful interview.

#1 Research the company

Reviewing the company’s website, social media posts/activity and recent press releases, will provide you with a solid understanding of the company and their current interests - this can help you go into your interview with confidence.

#2 Study the job description

Note down some examples of key transferable skills that you have which would be beneficial to the role. Think about and be prepared to discuss examples from past and your current/most recent position that align with the requirements listed.

#3 Check your own Social Media!

Interviewers will do their research on you and many businesses uphold strict social media policies, so make sure your social media content is appropriate and portrays you as a professional candidate.

#4 Dress to impress!

Even if the interview is offered to you as an informal one or perhaps over a coffee, first impressions count! Use your outfit as a visual cue to show that you’re interested, invested and taking the meeting seriously – perhaps plan your interview attire the night before.

#5 Go prepared and use props

Take copies of your CV and the job description issued to you, along with a notebook and pen, and don’t be afraid to use them. If the interviewer[s] observe printed research with highlighted sections or questions jotted down, it will reflect very positively on you!

#6 Remember, it’s a two way conversation! 

It’s not just about you being the right candidate for them – it’s also about them being the right fit for you, so use the time to assess and ask questions that will help you discover that. Be prepared with interesting and inquisitive questions and try to display individuality and business awareness in your questions – it’s good to avoid the more cliché questions they may hear from other candidates.

#7 Be conscious of your body language

Pay attention to your interviewer's body language and do your best to mirror it. Mirroring tends to disarm people and make them feel more comfortable with you. Make good eye contact, smile, give a firm handshake, have good posture and speak clearly.

#8 Stay positive!

Always remain positive and professional when reflecting on former work experiences/colleagues – negative comments could undermine your integrity and application! Win them over with your authenticity and positivity. 

#9 Treat everyone you encounter with respect

This includes people in the car park and front desk staff. Treat everyone you don’t know as though they’re the hiring manager. Even if they aren’t, your potential employer might ask for their feedback.

#10 Send a thoughtful post-interview note

A ‘Thank You’ email and a LinkedIn connection is definitely not unusual, but a handwritten one is becoming seemingly less frequent. But you know what? There’s nothing quite like receiving a note penned on good old fashioned paper. You’ll most likely be one of the few who do so, which will ensure your application and impression was a memorable one.


Itchy Feet are an agency based in the Isle of Man who have been in recruitment for over a decade, placing talented individuals within permanent, temporary and contract vacancies, ranging from entry level to senior executive roles and all areas of the private and public sectors, inclusive of: Audit & Accounting, Banking & Financial Services, Wealth & Investment Management, Operations, Project Management, Marketing, Sales & PR, Legal and Support Services.

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