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Tell us a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up and why did you leave the Isle of Man initially?

I grew up on the Isle of Man and have always loved Island life… but it was all that I knew. So, when my education on Island came to an end in 2017 I took the opportunity to leave and study in Nottingham. I made this move not only from an educational point of view, as there are several excellent study routes available on-Island but instead from more of an experience standpoint. I wanted to step outside of the Island ‘bubble’ and discover what else was out there for me.

What attracted you back to the Island to live and work?

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Nottingham, I was extremely excited to move back to the place I called home after my three years was up. My drive to move back mainly stemmed from a desire to be closer to friends, family and the beautiful scenery we often take for granted every day here on Island.

How did you find a job in the Isle of Man?

I read Psychology at university, so a career in marketing may not seem like the obvious transition. However, after partaking in various internships, the Department for Enterprise STEP Programme and learning more about social algorithms through the creation and growth of my own social media blog, I knew that Digital Marketing was the field I wanted to be in. After graduating in 2020 I continued this passion by delving into marketing courses online. In August that same year, I was delighted to find my ideal position on LinkedIn as a Junior Marketing Executive within the Riela Group.


Talk us through an average working day for you?

In the mornings I wake up at around half past 6 to get ready for work. In this time, I prioritise doing tasks that will set me up for the day ahead, such as eating a nutritious breakfast.

If I do not have any meetings in Douglas that morning, I will drive straight to our offices in Ballasalla for about 20 past 8 before getting stuck into my daily tasks.

These are always different but will often take shape in the form of website revision, copywriting, the creation of social campaigns to meet our objectives and more recently, event planning, both on-Island and off.

After work, I take time to move my body (usually by going on a walk or run) before spending time in the kitchen. Cooking is my favourite pastime so I will usually spend my evenings experimenting with ingredients and creating new recipes.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I don’t want to sound cliché but the most amazing part about my job within the Riela Group is the variation! No day is the same. From organising superyacht events one minute to building and re-designing company websites the next, I am always on the go.

And what about at the weekends?

At the weekend I just want to be outside enjoying the many activities the Island has to offer. Over the past few months, I have been spending time training for the Parish Walk which I completed to Peel for the first time this year. In the evenings I often meet with friends and family for food and drinks, usually somewhere in the sun on Douglas Quay.

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How does living and working in the Isle of Man compare to living in the UK when you were at university?

The great thing about living and working in the Isle of Man is the community aspect of it, everyone is a friendly and often familiar face, something that you do not always get in the UK. Although I do miss some parts of university life such as the amazing city centre atmosphere, nothing beats feeling as safe as you do here.

Having lived in the Island as a graduate, how do you feel about the opportunities available here?

I have worked full-time on the Isle of Man as a graduate for just under a year now and I can say that in that short space of time there have been many opportunities for me to develop within my position. Most noticeably this has taken form in my attendance at local business networking events and the continuation of my marketing studies with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, supported by both the Isle of Man Government and the Riela Group.


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