Meet Saskia Larsen

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Saskia Larsen moved back to the Isle of Man after graduating from her Fine Arts degree in the UK, and quickly found a full-time job in the Marketing team of local childcare nursery, Hopes & Dreams.

When did you move back to the Isle of Man and how was your experience finding a job as a graduate? 

I returned to the Island a year ago after graduating from my Fine Arts degree in the UK, and quickly found a job placement through the Department for Enterprise’s Internship Programme.

At the end of my placement, Hopes & Dreams offered me a full time job in the marketing team.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do? 

My work is really creative and I enjoy using what I learnt in my degree to help me in my day to day job.

What attracted you back to the Island? 

For me, the community spirit and quality of life attracted me back to the Island, alongside the variety of career opportunities here for graduates.

Outside of work, how do you spend your free time? 

Outside of work, I like to make the most of all the Island has to offer from meeting friends for coffee at one of the local eateries, to painting in my garden at home.

Most evenings I go out and explore the Isle of Man’s space and nature on long dog walks in the hills or on one of the Island’s many beaches, which are never more than a 20 minute drive from home.

A year since your move, how do you feel about your decision to return to the Isle of Man? 

Initially I was reluctant to move back to the Island as a graduate, as I thought I may miss out on social and career opportunities available in the UK.

But since moving back I have found that there are great job opportunities here, and a great work-life balance which allows me to do more of what I love.


To find out more about relocating to the Isle of Man, visit:

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