Young Professionals Programme

Are you a young professional hoping to gain some extra skills to get a promotion or a payrise?

Or perhaps you’re a recent graduate or school leaver who is looking to upskill before starting your job search? 

Or maybe you’ve worked somewhere for a while now and want the skills to be able to move into the corporate world?

The Young Professionals Programme offers you the opportunity to enhance your transferable skills through a two-week training course, and the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are choosing the Isle of Man as the place to start and progress their career.

More details about the next Young Professionals course will be available shortly. 

"I can draw upon the experiences and knowledge I gained on the Programme and can reference learning from the course during interviews, demonstrating my wider understanding of the different areas of business."

- James, a previous course attendee


What’s included:

  • The training programme is free – that means access to accredited teachers in some of the most beautiful surroundings at the Nunnery with job opportunities a plenty, all for free!
  • Each training course includes 10 in-person teaching days, spread over two weeks.
  • The programme encompasses training for both hard and soft skills, to ensure you are at the top of your game for your career development and progression
  • You need an address on the Isle of Man and to be available for the in-person teaching to attend


Is the Young Professionals Programme Right for you?

The Young Professionals Programme is open to young professionals, university students, recent graduates or school leavers who want to enhance their professional skills. Applications are welcome, whether you are currently unemployed, within your first six months of employment in the Island, or not currently employed.

The Training Programme is designed to support those who would like to quickly develop a wide range of business-relevant skills as they take their first steps into this area of employment.


What can young professionals expect from the training programme?

The Young Professionals Programme will be delivered by End2endacademy, an Isle of Man based accredited training provider in management development, lean operational improvement, project, programme and change management, so you can expect quality, professional teaching from experts on the Island.

Over the two week course, attendees will be provided with skills and training that apply to all business sectors. The programme will be broken up into a hard skills week, followed by a soft skills week. Some examples of the topics which will be covered are listed below:


Hard Skills week:

The first week of the Training Programme will cover topics including (but not limited to):

  • Customer service:
    • From giving the best customer service, to how to deal with complaints and how to manage yourself in difficult situations, this course provides an essential overview on customer service from a corporate business perspective. This will complement any previous experience gained from a retail or hospitality background but can also form the base of knowledge.
  • Customer relationship management
    • This module will teach the basics of managing customer relationships, how to maintain them long term and how best to manage yourself and your time in the process.
  • Social media engagement
    • This module will teach you the secrets to getting the best social media engagement which entails how to encourage comments, likes and shares
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • This module teaches how to get your website or your webpage to the first page in Google – essential when people rarely move past page 1 when conducting a search engine search.
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Basic web development skills
  • Compliance and GDPR Principles


Soft Skills week:

The second week of the Training Programme will cover topics including (but not limited to):

  • CV writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Project management
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical skills with Microsoft Word and Excel (intermediate level)

"As much as I get nervous about interviews, I found [the mock interview practice] to be one of the best things the course provided. The agency held the interview for 20 minutes and then went through each aspect of it with me afterwards to highlight what I did well, and offer constructive improvement points for my interview technique. They also covered an array of other things I should expect when attending real interviews in the future."

- James, a previous course attendee


Why enrol in the Young Professionals Programme?

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the job market;
  • Learn skills which are applicable to all business settings;
  • Receive support to help you transition from university into the business world;
  • Develop both soft and hard employability skills;
  • Network with like-minded graduates who are starting their career in the Isle of Man;
  • It’s completely free and the opportunity to enrol will take place at multiple times throughout the year, dependant on demand.


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