STEP Programme

The STEP Programme, sponsored by IQ-EQ (Isle of Man) Limited, matches local organisations with undergraduates for project-based placements during the summer holidays.

Undergraduate benefits
  • A tax and NI free training allowance of £240 per week, over a 8-12 week period
  • Great addition to the CV
  • Personal development
  • Possibility of a permanent job offer post-graduation 
Host organisation benefits 
  • Enthusiastic undergraduate to support business
  • Excellent value for money (£240 a week)
  • Improved business performance
  • Additional resource to complete a project which may not have otherwise been addressed
  • No employment contracts, tax, NI etc
  • Potential cost savings and additional revenue generation
  • Potential future employees
Past projects have included: 
  • Manufacturing concept, design and development
  • Setting up IT and/or accountancy systems
  • Design and implementation of websites
  • Marketing plans
  • Research, strategy and policy
  • Setting up of systems e.g. ISO 9000, ISO 14001, IIP, H&S etc.
  • Design of company literature
  • Analysis of production methods
  • Environmental audits and follow-up work
  • Design of new product concept
  • Plus many more
Taking Part 

All organisations can experience the benefits of a STEP student. In order for a STEP project to be successful it is necessary to have:

  • a set project for an undergraduate to undertake;
  • a suitable place for the student to work;
  • appropriate supervisory and management arrangements.

STEP student and Host applications have now closed for the 2019 programme.

Hear STEP Coordinator, Kirsty Jameison discuss the STEP Programme below:


  • "The STEP Programme provides great benefits for both parties, the student gains useful experience in a working environment and the employer has valuable work performed on a project of their choosing with defined deliverables. Last year we hosted undergraduate Robert Leece and Robert’s work for us was fantastic. Robert’s project involved auditing our Manx Language resources and developing a database and User Handbook which is now in use across the Manx Language Network “Jeebin”

    Chrissy Callaghan, Department of Education, Sport and Culture
  • "I think that STEP Internships are very beneficial for a student’s future career. My experience has highlighted my strength in content writing and confirmed which areas I wish to pursue further. This opportunity has also emphasised the benefits of my degree and how it can be applied to a workplace. This was my first professional role during university, so it was great to gain industry experience and prepare for my future career after graduation."

    Tia Welsh, STEP Student 2018



  • Prize Winners Announced at 2019 STEP Programme Final

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