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Creating an environment through innovation and collaboration, where the economy thrives.

Welcome to the Department for Enterprise

The Department for Enterprise's mission is to be a forward thinking, valued partner, supporting Island businesses and people, to fulfil their potential.

In order to do this, the Department is responsible for four Executive Agencies made up of private/public sector members, who work in partnership to promote and develop the Island’s sectors and deliver long term, sustainable economic growth for the Isle of Man. These are: Digital Isle of Man, Finance Isle of Man, Business Isle of Man and Visit Isle of Man.

This mission is directly aligned to the Isle of Man Government’s vision of creating a secure, vibrant and sustainable future for our Island nation. As part of the Island Plan, the Department is delivering key initiatives to help build a strong and diverse economy, underpinned by a robust economic strategy and clear achievable outcomes.

Divisions of the Department for Enterprise

Finance Isle of Man

The Finance Agency was created to promote and develop the Isle of Man’s significant financial and professional services industry, delivering long term sustainable economic growth to the Isle of Man.

Digital Isle of Man

Digital was created to support the tech sector develop and implement a strategy to enable sustainable economic growth and establish the Isle of Man as a centre of excellence for the digital economy.

Business Isle of Man

Business Isle of Man was created to facilitate the support, development and promotion of key sectors involved in the export of physical goods and related services within the domestic economy.

Visit Isle of Man

The Visit Agency was created to establish and promote the Isle of Man as a quality, year round, visitor destination, capturing a representative share of a growing UK visitor market.

Isle of Man TT Races

The Motorsport team are responsible for the promotion and delivery of the Isle of Man TT Races and the new look Manx Grand Prix.

Locate Isle of Man

Locate Isle of Man is responsible for promoting the Isle of Man as a place to live, work and do business.

Isle of Man Aircraft Registry

The Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration regulates the Island's airspace, airport, air traffic provision & aviation security, and oversees the operations of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

Isle of Man Ship Registry

The Isle of Man Ship Registry effectively regulates a worldwide fleet of Isle of Man registered vessels.

Isle of Man Central Registry

The Central Registry performs a wide range of registry functions which underpin economic activity in the Island, and the transparency of Isle of Man Government activity.

Funding & Support

The Enterprise Support division provides funding and advice to new and established businesses of all sizes to promote sustainable economic growth, and create an environment that enables businesses to thrive and flourish.

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