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The Department for Enterprise Transparency and Openness page supports our culture of accountability and accessibility within the Department.  Through the availability of downloadable documents, we will provide the public with direct access to pertinent information, fostering transparency and empowering informed engagement. Explore our repository of materials, designed to offer a view of our endeavours as we strive for openness, trust and collaboration with our community.

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Budget: Gross Income £27.1m, Gross Expenditure £27.1m, Net Income £35,000

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Minister: Hon Timothy Johnston MHK

Chief Officer: Mark Lewin

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Executive Agencies

The Executive Agencies are part of the Department for Enterprise with each of the four boards having delegated powers from the Minister for Enterprise, enabling them to leverage the private sector expertise and knowledge and create a partnership approach to product development, policy input, and promotion. More information and downloadable documents from each Agency are available below.

Divisional Documentation

This contains documents from other divisions of the Department.

An Employment Land Review was carried out in 2013 to: 

  • Gather information and evidence about the quality and quantity of and demand for employment land and premises. 
  • Identify any constraints on the current zoned land for employment and 
  • Identify employment land requirements to meet the needs of the economy in the future. 

The Review provides an evidence base to inform land use plans and individual planning applications, and to support activity to stimulate economic growth. The Review does not identify specific locations for new employment land but rather gives the background evidence to support the preparation of Area Plans. Please view our Planning Policy page for more information. 

In 2016 work on an update commenced in order to: 

  • Validate the employment land requirements emerging from Vision 2020 growth assumptions against changes in the economy and key sector trends between 2014 and 2016 
  • In light of the above, identify whether the scale of requirement has increased or decreased in the interim. 

The update has been prepared as a supplementary report to the original document and so should be read alongside it rather than as a stand-alone document.  In the production of the update a number of corrections and clarifications have been made to the original document, which is republished below. 

To read more about the ELR, see: