About the Department for Enterprise

Creating an environment through innovation and collaboration where the economy thrives.

The Department for Enterprise (Department, DfE) is a Government Department in the Isle of Man responsible for economic development and the creation of an environment where local entrepreneurship is supported and thriving and more new businesses are choosing to call the Isle of Man home.

Our mission: ‘To create an environment through innovation and collaboration, where the economy thrives’ is directly aligned to the Government’s vision of creating a secure, vibrant and sustainable future for our Island nation. As part of the Island Plan, the DfE is delivering key initiatives to help build a strong and diverse economy, underpinned by a robust economic strategy and clear achievable outcomes.

Department Plan 2023-24

The Department for Enterprise Plan for 2023-2024, sets out how we will contribute to Government’s vision for the Isle of Man over the 12 months.

The DfE has a wide remit and encompasses a number of distinct functions and agencies. It is responsible for four Executive Agencies made up of private/public sector members, who work in partnership to promote and develop the Island’s sectors and deliver long term, sustainable economic growth for the Isle of Man. These are: Digital Isle of ManFinance Isle of ManBusiness Isle of Man and Visit Isle of Man.

The Executive Agencies sit alongside the Department’s central functions of strategy and policy development, business intelligence and marketing, enterprise support, legislation, and the Locate Isle of Man team. Collectively, the functions work hand in hand with the private sector, growing real businesses, generating real jobs and real opportunities for the Island.

Alongside the Executive Agencies and support functions, the Department also leads the promotion, organisation and delivery of the Isle of Man TT and Manx Grand Prix, and provides assistance to other motorsport events.

The Department is also responsible for supporting two distinct registry functions, which are also Safety Regulators. Both are highly regarded in their own right and are not only crucial to supporting day-to-day life in the Island, but also underpin a wide range of sectors of the economy:

The Department is also the stationed employer of the Registrar General, who is responsible for the management of the Central Registry. The Registrar General holds statutory obligations under several Acts of Tynwald including those relating to Civil, Companies, Deeds & Probate, and Land registration as well as the Public Record Office, the National Archive of the Isle of Man Government and other public bodies such as Tynwald, the courts and local authorities.

Collectively, the Department’s functions work hand in hand with the Executive Agencies and the broader private sector in growing real businesses, generating real jobs, and providing real opportunities for growth in the Island.

The Department is also the sponsoring Department of Manx National Heritage and the Isle of Man Post Office.

The Department for Enterprise

Delivering a diverse economy where people choose to work, live and invest