Celebrate the 'Supermanx' weekend by supporting local

26 August 2020

Business Isle of Man, an Executive Agency within the Department for Enterprise, is encouraging Islanders to support local businesses as part of their celebrations for the upcoming 'Supermanx' Bank Holiday weekend.

Taking place between Friday 28th - Monday 31st August, the Supermanx long weekend has been designed to bring the local community together to say a Super Manx Thank You to everyone that helped with the Island's response during an uncertain and unprecedented time.

Heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, local hospitality and retail businesses supported Manx residents throughout, by adapting services and going above and beyond to provide essential goods and services. As a gesture of appreciation and to help towards creating a sustainable future for the Island, Business Isle of Man is encouraging Islanders to support local businesses as part of their celebrations for the Supermanx Bank Holiday weekend.

Lawrie Hooper MHK, Political Member for Business Isle of Man, said:

'The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us and our small, independent businesses are no exception. These businesses are incredibly vital to our Island's community and buying local is one of the biggest things we can all do to help support our economy. Buying local not only helps to keep money circulating on Island, it creates jobs all the way through the supply chain of local businesses.

'Whether you choose to celebrate the Supermanx weekend by taking a staycation, dining out or shopping in any of the Island's vibrant town centres, take a moment to stop and think about the positive impact your spending decisions have when you buy local.'

Andrew Corrie, Chairman of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee, said:

'Local Manx businesses have ensured that local residents have remained fed and supported throughout the ongoing pandemic, proving to be true local superheroes. Now, more than ever, they ask for your support as many continue to struggle due to changing consumer buying habits, the absence of tourism and ongoing local infrastructure works.

'Manx businesses not only form the backbone of our retail and hospitality economy but provide a valuable service to the customer and thousands of jobs to Manx residents. My ask is that you, the Super Manx Public, go out and support your favourite local businesses to ensure their survival and essential contribution to our local economy.'

Mervyn Hill, owner of local retail business TT Shirts, said:

'While the Isle of Man Government is doing its part to protect our economy, we strongly urge residents to show their support too. As a locally owned business, we stock items which are made here in the Isle of Man, providing a great range of choice and unique products that bring with them much-needed originality and variety from mainstream alternatives.

'Another great way to show your support to independent businesses like ourselves is to let us and others know if you're happy with the service and/or product you received, either in person or by leaving a positive review on social media. The recognition means a lot to business owners and helps to spread the word to others.'

For further details about the August Supermanx Bank Holiday, please visit: www.visitisleofman.com/supermanx