Department for Enterprise commission market research to gather opinions on broadband options

16 June 2021

The Department for Enterprise has commissioned a market research agency to research household opinions about broadband options.  Research professionals will be using a variety of methods to investigate attitudes to broadband in general, benefits of fibre, and barriers to the adoption of fibre (where available).

The National Broadband Plan (NBP), outlined in the Isle of Man’s National Telecoms Strategy, sets out to deliver ultrafast fibre to the premises (FTTP) past more than 99% of the Island’s premises by 2024.

The National Broadband Plan began on 1st July 2020, with local telecoms provider, Manx Telecom, chosen as the preferred supplier. Fibre is continuing to be rolled out to areas outside of the intervention zones, alongside the NBP – and currently approximately 46.5% of the Island has access to ultrafast fibre broadband.

Part of the research will involve members of the research team knocking on doors and conducting face to face interviews. Blue Island Guys, the chosen researchers of the Department for Enterprise, will not be holding personal data, and respondents are under no obligation to take part in the research if they do not wish.  Researchers will not need to enter homes, and discussions should be short, however any co-operation and thoughts will be gratefully received from those who do feel able to contribute.

Results will help inform the Government further about changing consumer requirements, and will allow for balanced and informed decision-making to take place in the future. Feedback is also being facilitated through an online survey which can be found here:

Further information about the National Broadband Plan and National Telecoms Strategy can be found here: