Department for Enterprise seeks public opinion on a series of employment legislation reforms

01 July 2022

The Department for Enterprise has today published three consultations which seek the views of the Isle of Man business community and general public on reforms to employment legislation.

The consultations, covering family rights, zero hours contracts, and whistleblowing, are available to view on the Government website.

The Island Plan Interim Update June 2022 contains the Legislative Programme for the current administration. This includes plans for a Bill to introduce new rights to family leave such as shared parental leave, and for changes to whistleblowing legislation. The Department also has commitments to implement proposals dealing with zero hours contracts. The Department would therefore welcome views on the broad range of matters being considered.

The family rights consultation includes proposals to introduce shared parental leave, parental bereavement leave and the extension of rights to time off for ante natal care.

The whistleblowing consultation includes short-term proposals to strengthen the regime for whistleblowers. It also seeks views on wider, more far-reaching changes to the framework for whistleblowing in the Island, in line with the recommendations of the Tynwald Select Committee on Whistleblowing.

The consultation on zero hours contracts includes proposals for a right for workers not in regular employment to request a stable contract after 6 months and to remove an employer’s powers to oblige workers who are not in regular employment to work any non-guaranteed hours.

Minister for the Department for Enterprise, Mr Tim Crookall MHK, commented:

‘We welcome feedback from this consultation exercise and are open to hearing the views of the Isle of Man business community and general public on these important issues.

‘Each of these areas broadly seeks views on Isle of Man having updated legislation which is similar to the UK, and therefore easier for employers and employees to navigate, whilst ensuring the Island remains an attractive place for both employers and new employees.’

‘The Department has a clear commitment in the Island Plan to reform employment legislation and in bringing forward these consultations on these important proposals, we are hopeful that we can deliver meaningful improvements in our employment legislation ahead of schedule.’