Electronic Red Flag System Test on Wednesday 25th May

24 May 2022

On Wednesday 25th May between 6am and 7am, the organisers of the Isle of Man TT Races will be carrying out an on-course test of the new electronic red flag system.

The electronic flags have been introduced as part of the new Safety Management System as an additional measure running alongside the existing marshal’s red flag system. The electronic system enables the Clerk of the Course to immediately raise further rapid awareness that all racing should immediately halt helping draw further attention to marshals, officials and riders around the course.

The electronic flag system has been installed around the course and initial testing has been carried out using innocuous colours not related to traffic signals. However, ahead of the races beginning on Sunday 29th May organisers need to test the system using the correct red display colour.

Gary Thompson MBE BEM, TT Clerk of The Course, ACU Events Ltd:

“Whilst the large square displays do not look like traffic signals and the organisers have tried to select a time that will cause minimal distraction to road users, we wanted to notify in advance that these tests will be undertaken and ask the public to just be aware that these are ongoing and do not require any action whilst roads are open. As always I am acutely aware of any disruption that may be faced by the public and again thank everyone for their understanding whilst we continue preparations for the start of the TT.”

For more information about the Safety Management System: https://iomttraces.com