Enhanced support for residents making their homes more energy efficient

09 May 2022

Following feedback, changes to the Green Living Grant Scheme (GLGS) have been implemented to provide more flexible support for residents looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home and lower energy costs.

Through the GLGS, eligible residents are able to access financial support of up to £6,000 per eligible property to make their homes more energy efficient.

The Scheme operates in two parts, the first provides a Manx Home Energy Audit, and the second can provide grant funding towards the cost of energy saving improvement works recommended by the Manx Home Energy Audit, where the applicant and property meets the eligibility criteria.

The following changes were made to the GLGS at the end of April 2022:

  • The requirement for recommended improvement works to be completed in priority order has been removed, providing additional flexibility to applicants depending on their circumstances.
  • The percentage contribution from the Department towards recommended improvement works under £1,000 has been increased to 75% (from 50%), to provide greater support for lower cost works such as insulation.
  • For minor recommended works under £1,000, the necessity for these to be completed by a contractor registered with Construction Isle of Man has been changed, recognising smaller value items can often be progressed by family or friends to potentially speed up the completion of minor works over the summer months.

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Enterprise, commented:

‘The Green Living Grant Scheme is an important scheme as it helps Island residents understand how they can make their homes more energy efficient, and can provide financial support towards making these changes. These measures will not only contribute to our Island’s environmental agenda, but can also reduce energy costs for residential properties.

‘These changes to the Green Living Grant Scheme have been devised to help make lower value home improvements more affordable for residents, by increasing the percentage of support available and enabling residents to undertake recommended improvement works in an order which would be most beneficial to them. However, applicants are still asked to consider completing the works in priority order as in most cases this will achieve the best value for money overall.

‘With the recent rise in energy costs, I hope these amendments will encourage residents to undertake home improvement works to help reduce energy costs prior to the upcoming winter period.’

The GLGS opened for applications in October 2021. As of Friday 6th May 2022, the GLGS has received 1,666 applications, 1,647 of which have been approved for a Manx Home Energy Audit. Over 358 Manx Home Energy Audits have been completed, with a further 183 scheduled to take place over the upcoming weeks.

More information about the GLGS is available at: https://www.departmentforenterprise.im/green-living/, by calling 687333 or by emailing greenlivinggrant@gov.im