First Isle of Man Medicinal Cannabis for export licence approved

21 July 2022

The Department for Enterprise has confirmed that GrowLab Organics (GLO) has been offered the first conditional medicinal cannabis licence for export in the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) has issued the first letter of approval in principle to GLO to cultivate, extract, manufacture, import and export medicinal cannabis from the Isle of Man.

Tim Crookall MHK, Minister for Enterprise, commented:

‘The Isle of Man has a rich history of innovation in developing new sectors, and our Department plan clearly sets out ambitious targets through the Business Agency to fully realise the potential of this market in the Island.

‘This first offer letter represents the dawn of a new economic sector in the Isle of Man, which will drive high-value economic diversification across existing local sectors, stimulate job and training opportunities for Manx workers and encourage inward investment.

‘I am optimistic that this will play a key part in the Isle of Man’s economic future, and look forward to working with the Business Agency to continue to support and develop the highest calibre of companies establishing in the Island within the Medicinal Cannabis sector.’

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Treasury, said:

‘The GSC has worked diligently since applications opened last year and the issuing of this first conditional licence is a great step for the Island’s entrance into the medicinal cannabis sector, alongside the recent announcement made by the Department for Health and Social Care to offer private prescriptions for medicinal cannabis through a local pharmacy.

‘The Isle of Man prides itself on being a well-regulated jurisdiction, and strives to ensure that businesses which choose to operate here agree that our regulation is appropriate and proportionate to their needs.’

Steve Brennan, Chief Executive Officer of the GSC, commented:

‘Establishing a new sector under a regulated framework is a complex process and the GSC is committed to developing a framework which is fit for purpose and will offer the best possible service to applicants for this exciting new sector.

‘Since opening applications last year, the GSC have worked with a wide range of stakeholders to further develop the licencing framework and enable other authorities to identify their links with the sector. There has been a number of moving parts and I would like to thank the organisations, including the Information Commissioner, with which we have worked to bring us to this point, most recently in connection with new regulations.

‘These regulations are the culmination of a much longer piece of work that has sought to identify all of the sector’s stakeholders and relevant authorities and understand where they fit into our information sharing infrastructure. The GSC has worked attentively to identify a definitive list of stakeholders before creating the regulations to ensure the correct information gateways are captured in statute.

‘I am pleased that we are now in a position to grant the first licence in this new sector and we look forward to continually supporting this sector to grow as its regulator.’

Alex Fray, Chief Executive Officer at GLO, commented:

‘The emerging cannabis sector is potentially the most exciting global development of this generation and has the capability to transform the quality of life for millions of people. GLO’s mission is to help people live better through the power of cannabis, whilst reducing the need for people to source cannabis from illicit sources for medicinal purposes. Our unique and innovative approach will improve the quality, consistency and range of products available to patients.

‘Historically cannabis was woven into the fabric of Manx agriculture with hemp being grown on the island for rope and sail cloth. Now it’s back, with a continuation of the island’s history of innovation and economic diversity and as part of that we expect to create over 50 jobs within the next 3 years.’

To find out more information on the types of Medicinal Cannabis licences that can be applied for in the Isle of Man, along with the relevant fees, guidance, and application forms, visit the GSC’s website:

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