Isle of Man attracts thousands of visitors to experience the 2023 Isle of Man TT Races

28 June 2023

The 2023 Isle of Man TT Races once again saw thousands of visitors from across the world experience two weeks of road racing, local hospitality and tourism.

Early indications show that visitor numbers saw positive growth for the 2023 Isle of Man TT Races and through initial feedback from riders and teams, local businesses, visitors and local fans, the Department for Enterprise has recorded overwhelmingly positive sentiment about the execution of this year’s event, in particular its positive impact on the Island’s domestic economy.

Tim Crookall MHK, Political Member for TT & Motorsport and Visit Isle of Man, commented:

‘The success of the 2023 TT Races was the result of work delivered as part of the TT’s overarching strategy, which has been put in place not just before this event, but developed over a number of years. This comprises not only the new schedule, but also building on the provision of digital infrastructure which was put in place over the 2022 TT Races, with the continuation of live coverage, alongside the introduction of new safety measures and additional roadwork preparation.

‘The Isle of Man TT Races is making strides in its objectives set-out by the Digital Broadcast Strategy, achieving more than 228% growth in global audience since implementation in January 2022, taking the total audience size across digital platforms to 1.35 million. It’s great to see a continued uptake in the number of fans accessing the Live Broadcast, and is a way to attract new fans from around the world.

‘The Live Coverage is an achievement in itself given the nature of the course - but alongside this it is filmed, produced and distributed internationally from right here in the Isle of Man thanks to the skill and talent of Manx businesses. The network infrastructure, filming and production of the live broadcast is a testament to the Island’s collaborative digital industry, and I would like to thank those involved.

‘But of course, what this event is really about is the riders, and 2023 comprised another record breaking year with multiple lap records, among many other milestones. I would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved on another successful fortnight of racing and entertainment as we continue to showcase this spectacular event.’

Tim Johnston MHK, Minster for Enterprise, commented:

‘Once again, the TT Races brought out the best of our community, as locals opened up their homes to visitors to enjoy the racing, alongside bringing to the forefront our vibrant hospitality and retail businesses, and welcoming community spirit.

‘The Isle of Man TT Races represent an important mark in our calendar, not only from a road-racing perspective, but it is long understood the benefit this event also brings to the local economy. For those two weeks each June, our shores welcome fans from around the world who are here to immerse themselves in this world-renowned event, and all our Island has to offer.

‘I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Marshals, medics and all other volunteers and businesses involved. The TT Races truly couldn’t be what they are without you, and to all of the fans – whether they be local or visitors – who continue to support their favourite racers and the local economy and businesses over the period.

‘The Race Organiser have continued to work over the last 12 months on continually improving the standard of safety around the course – investing in additional digital flags, introduction of GPS to all competing and non-competing vehicles on the course as well as increasing the investment in medical provisions.

‘Within the Department for Enterprise, we look forward to continuing to work with the race organiser, ACU Events Ltd, and our partners to ensure the TT Races remains a secure, vibrant and sustainable event each year.’

2023 marked the first year operating with the new schedule, designed to unlock the event’s full potential, by taking into account travel capacity, accommodation infrastructure and the changing habits of customers in order to maximise the return on the public investment needed to deliver the event and ensure its long term sustainability and viability.

Following the success of this year’s TT, the scheduled dates for 2024 are due to be announced in the coming days and will look to closely follow this year’s format with some minor adjustments where necessary.

Further details regarding actual visitor numbers will be made available following the completion of the annual TT Visitor Survey.