Isle of Man Ship Registry highlighting the vital role of seafarers

24 September 2020

This World Maritime Day the Isle of Man Ship Registry is highlighting the vital role played by the world's two million seafarers, and the need for us all to work harder to safeguard their welfare.

Recognising the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on seafarers and the crucial role they are playing in helping to overcome this crisis is a key element of World Maritime Day 2020, underlined by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim. The pandemic has led to vast numbers of men and women being stranded at sea with crew changes disrupted and contracts extended.

One way the Isle of Man Ship Registry is working to address this issue is by becoming the first ship registry in the world to launch a dedicated seafarer welfare app. Their aim is to offer a source of structured support to around 11,000 seafarers sailing on more than 400 vessels under the Isle of Man flag.

The free, downloadable software will provide seafarers on-board access to a wide range of holistic support functions ranging from social forums and career-based educational trainings to fitness classes, mental health support and nutritional advice all via live interactive sessions. It is being developed in partnership with maritime training organisation Tapitt, which will live stream its support and training sessions via the app.