Submit your views on the rates of Minimum Wage in the Isle of Man (1)

05 May 2021

The Minimum Wage Committee, an independent committee constituted of employer and worker representatives, are seeking views from businesses and individuals as part of a review into the rates of the minimum wage in the Isle of Man.

The Minister for Enterprise, Laurence Skelly MHK, has requested the Minimum Wage Committee make recommendations on any changes to the rate of the minimum wage to come into effect during 2021.

In response to this request, the Minimum Wage Committee is seeking views from both businesses and individuals on this important issue and would welcome written submissions from interested parties.

The Minimum Wage Committee will review submissions received and consider these alongside the matters prescribed in legislation to which they must have regard, including:

  • The wider social and economic implications of any minimum wage to be prescribed under the Minimum Wage Act 2001;
  • Its likely effects on;
    • Employment (especially amongst disadvantaged groups);
    • Inflation;
    • Its impact on the costs and competitiveness of businesses;
    • The costs of industry and public authorities in the Island;
  • Its impact on pay, employment and competitiveness in low-paying sectors and small businesses;
  • Its effect on different groups of workers;
  • The effect on pay structures; and
  • The interaction between minimum wage rates and the tax benefit systems.

Laurence Skelly MHK, Minister for Enterprise, commented:

‘I recognise that the past year has been challenging for both individuals and businesses. The purpose of this review will be to ensure that the committee is able to fully examine the variety of challenges faced across our economy, so that any ultimate decision is fully informed by the challenges and views of the Manx community.

‘Any changes to the minimum wage rate in the Isle of Man must balance the needs of employers and our working population, and continue to support the position of our Island as a progressive, diverse and attractive place to live and work.’

Submissions can be sent to the Minimum Wage Committee by email to, or by post to the following address:

The Secretary to the Minimum Wage Committee, Department for Enterprise, Nivison House, Prospect Hill, Douglas, IM1 5ET.

The Minimum Wage Committee requests all submissions to be received on or before 4th June 2021.