TT Broadcast Strategy Builds Strong Audience Numbers

27 June 2022

Since the launch of a new Digital Broadcast Strategy, the Isle of Man TT Races has grown its global audience, as more than 130,000 individuals from across 185 countries have now subscribed to their new digital channel, TT+.

The free to subscribe streaming platform, TT+ was launched in April and is a key element of the Digital Broadcast Strategy for the Isle of Man TT Races, a strategy that looks to support the long term sustainability of the event by focussing on increasing audience size and accessibility.

The introduction of TT+ has allowed the Isle of Man TT Races to successfully deliver live coverage of all races and qualifying sessions for the first time in history, with more than 57,000 people accessing the coverage through the TT+ Live Pass. The channel has also since seen more than 700,000 cumulative hours viewed by fans.

Tim Crookall MHK, Minister for the Department for Enterprise commented:

“Through this new channel and the live coverage, the Isle of Man TT Races have managed to remove geographical barriers to fans around the world wanting to access the TT. This level of visibility hopefully will only bring wider benefits for all aspects of the Island’s economy, acknowledging the TT’s aging audience profile that is synonymous with the motorsport demographic, this digital channel will be utilised to engage with a diverse set of new fans that will both ensure and sustain the Island’s visitor income for the event.”

Additionally, since the implementation of the Digital Broadcast Strategy in January, the Isle of Man TT Races have seen a near 50% growth in the size of their total audience across social media, which goes to support the long term ambition to grow the audience of the Isle of Man TT Races by 450% by 2027.

Going forward the Isle of Man TT Races will continue to focus on audience growth that will bring broader benefits to the event and the Island.

Rob Callister MHK, Political Member with Responsibility for Motorsport commented:

"As the TT gains more fans, followers and customers from around the globe, the event’s database will expand with accelerating speed and it is extremely promising to see such great numbers of subscribers during our first year.

‘The quality of the live broadcast, in spite of the challenging logistical nature of the Mountain Course, is a testament to the Island’s digital network infrastructure and the capabilities of Isle of Man based business, Greenlight Television. The Department will conduct a comprehensive review of the live coverage and looking at ways to deliver an even stronger broadcast in 2023.”