Virtual Cyberisle 2020 - Week One Schedule

29 September 2020

The Isle of Man Government is hosting a virtual conference - Virtual CYBERISLE 2020.

This free event, organised by the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (OCSIA), will run throughout October in collaboration with local industry and off-Island speakers.

Virtual CYBERISLE 2020 aims to raise awareness of the steps that can be taken at home, at work and within the community to combat cyber security threats, with practical tools and insights.

Launching on Monday 28th September, the first week of the event focuses on social media - there will be short webinars released on Isle of Man Government's YouTube channel each day throughout the week and will be published via their social media channels.

The Chief Minister will open the event on Monday 28th September.

Speakers will include:

  • Isle of Man Constabulary - 'Policing a Digital Landscape'
  • KPMG - 'Safe and Proper Use of Digital Social Media Platforms'
  • Department of Education, Sport & Culture - 'Safer Schools App'
  • Inege - 'TikTok, Roblox, Fortnite, Snapchat'
  • Barclays - 'Fraud and Cyber Security - Social Engineering'
  • Nedbank Private Wealth - 'Social Media Awareness'

On Thursday 1st October Inege Safeguarding Group will be delivering live safety webinars on:

11am - TikTok

12pm - Roblox

2pm - Fortnite

3pm - Snapchat

Hosted by online safety experts, the 'Back to Basics' series of webinars give guidance on the safety features of popular social media platforms in 15 minutes. Webinars are accessible for both parents and safeguarding professionals to ensure children and young people have a safer online experience.

You can register to attend the free webinars via the links below:


Webinar ID: 872 4783 9105

Passcode: ineqe34242

Registration Link


Webinar ID: 822 7733 9589

Passcode: ineqe1177

Registration Link


Webinar ID: 842 1206 8554

Passcode: ineqe97298

Registration Link


Webinar ID: 818 4025 3017

Passcode: ineqe19482

Registration Link

Anyone who has concerns about cyber security or wants to report fraudulent activity can use the reporting tool at