An Interview with the Manx Solidarity Fund

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How did the Manx Solidarity Fund come about and what are its aims?

The Manx Solidarity Fund was formed by members of the Covid Response Team, which included members of the local business community; Roger Raatgever, Jonathan Wild, Paul Hotchkiss and Paul Novellie in late March 2020. The Fund’s aim is to bring the Isle of Man community together to support residents and local organisations facing difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Island is now in its third lockdown, what support has MSF been able to provide for individuals and businesses?

The Fund has paid out funds to those in need from inception and all throughout 2020; and now into 2021 as the Island has continued to be impacted by the pandemic.
Case studies of some of those who have received grants are on our website here. The recipients are wide ranging including individuals, businesses and charities who have been impacted by Covid-19.

What types of projects or costs are considered for support?

Support is offered to Isle of Man based businesses, charities and individuals that:

  • Are in need because of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Are not otherwise in receipt of sufficient Government support; and
  • Lack their own financial resources.

Any business is eligible for consideration, including sole traders, partnerships, self-employed and Limited Companies with Island resident employees, including shareholder employees.

How can someone apply for the fund? How long does support take?

Applicants can click here to apply. Each applicant is individually processed and the length of time for the application to be fully considered depends on many factors so no exact time can be given. To ensure the fastest turn around applicants should fully complete all parts of the form including any separate information that is requested. If approved the funds should quickly become available once confirmation to the applicant.

What would you say to someone who is suffering hardship as a result of covid19, but is unsure of whether to apply?

Our first recommendation would be for them to read the FAQs on our website. This will give good general guidance; if an applicant still has questions after reading this document they could contact the Fund at with any questions.

If there are businesses or individuals out there who would like to pledge their support for the MSF, how could they get involved?

The Fund is incredibly fortunate to have been supported by the amazing Manx public to whom we are very grateful. Any further support could be offered via or

What is next for the Manx Solidarity Fund?

The Trustees of the Fund hope, with the vaccination program being rolled out on the Island that very soon, that the Fund will no longer be required. That will be a great day for all on the Island.


To find out more about the Manx Solidarity Fund, visit their website at: