The Enterprise Act 2008 Annual Reports

Under section 6 of the Enterprise Act 2008 (“the Act”) the Department for Enterprise (DfE) is required to lay an annual report before Tynwald as to the provision of assistance under the Act including a list of the names of those businesses which have received financial assistance from the Department during the previous financial year ended on the 31st March. 

The annual report includes details of grants offered and payments made under the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) as well as details of loans and investments made to businesses under the now closed Enterprise Development Scheme. The Department have included some statistical information within this report that highlights the other schemes including the Employee Relocation Incentive which forms part of the Financial Assistance Scheme.

The Enterprise Act 2008 Annual Report for 2021/2022 has now been published and details key results of the funding, training and advisory support schemes which are administered by the Department, focusing specifically on the Financial Assistance Scheme.

Click here to view a copy of the Enterprise Act 2008 Annual Report for 2021/22.


Previous Annual Reports: 

Please click the links below to download annual reports from previous years. 

For more information on the funding and support schemes available for businesses in the Isle of Man, click here

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